International Work

Plant Based Foods Global Alliance

The PBFGA is an international coalition of plant-based foods trade associations united by their mission to elevate and strengthen the ever-growing community of plant-based food companies around the world, and to drive sustainable food system change at the global level.

With global momentum for plant-based foods at an all-time high, the formation of the Plant Based Foods Global Alliance (PBFGA) signals the start of a new era of international collaboration to bring about a future that counters the climate, environmental, and social harms of industrial animal agriculture with a resilient, equitable plant-based food system.

The Plant Based Foods Institute champions and advises the work of the PBFGA through its own dedicated international initiatives and a re-granting program that supports the resourcing of the group’s key global priorities. PBFI is also working with the coalition on the creation of an International Programs Advisory Committee, which will inform the work of both PBFI and the PBFGA.

The IPBFWG is comprised of the Plant Based Foods Association, Plant-Based Foods of Canada, European Alliance for Plant Based Foods, European Plant-based Foods Association, Plant-Based Food Alliance UK, the Plant Based Foods Industry Association (India), the Mexican Association of Vegan Entrepreneurs, Bitkiden (Plant Based Foods Association of Turkiye), Plant-Based Foods Association of South Africa, AsociacĂ­on Chile en Base a Plantas, and China Plant Based Foods Association.