Driving transition to a plant-based food system.

Our Why

We have reached a moment in history when our actions will determine the viability of our planet and the life it sustains—and to ensure a healthier, more sustainable, and more equitable future for generations to come, we need a resilient food system that works for people, the planet, and animals alike.

We need a plant-based food system.


Driving this transition requires a holistic approach that recognizes the complexity of the challenges we face, builds bridges across sectors, and ensures businesses can thrive—and it requires solutions that work for a diverse coalition of food system participants. That’s why The Institute incubates, implements, and evaluates strategies that empower the broadscale change we need, through the power of plant-based.


We identify gaps in research to illuminate and prioritize partnerships and strategies needed to drive change towards a plant-based food system.


We develop and execute strategies for key food system stakeholders to highlight the benefits of plant-based foods, and the social justice imperative of shifting to plant-based diets.


We create opportunities for plant-based food companies and U.S. farmers to increase supply network resiliency and foster a transition to sustainable agriculture.